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There could be potentially thousand of articles to be sold as premiums and there could be hundreds of suppliers of those articles. But, one wrong choice and you end up wasting your precious marketing dollars, literally with no result. Given the high investment and risk that entails a promotion, the choice of right supplier becomes very important. You need a supplier who holds expertise in product, has the right market knowledge and carries best experience. When you choose Lohia Warehouse as your partner you have made the right choice. We offer the best combination of prerequisites of Corporate Promo supplier.

Any player who aims at that corporate promo market should know the pulse of consumers and the market. Our presence in retail sphere and continuous interaction with consumers has evolved into a deep understanding of Indian market. We know what a consumer is looking for when he is shopping and what his needs are. This knowledge is transformed into the right combination of brand and premium. When offering a premium we utilize our deep understanding of the impact on consumer behavior and influence on brand selection.

Lohia Warehouse has been developing private labels for leading retail chains like Carrefour, Bharti Walmart, Reliance and Aditya Birla. By working in private label field expertise in product has become natural trait to us. Our team knows the art of converting an idea into a product. The involvement in this transformation ensures that we create right products for right customers. Our corporate promo offering is backed by this capability and leaves no chance of miss.

Utilizing its competence Lohia Warehouse has been offering promo solution to leading Brands of India covering a spectrum of Domestic as well as International players. Our ability to offer products that elicit right response has been acknowledged our customers.