Professional Sourcing and Customized Services

Integrated Service Chain

Inspiration, design, production, shipping to the warehouse, warehousing, and shipping to the end customer: every new item passes through a number of steps in a very short time before it is ready for customers to shop. Fundamental to success of this flow is an understanding that the service chain is a business process that must be integrated. Aware of the fact we at Lohia Warehouse work to interconnect and align workflow, data and infrastructure across business and technology boundaries to ensure effective service delivery. Line of business, business operations, IT, infrastructure and customer management teams execute against a common set of service objectives supported by real time service intelligence and integrated processes across the end-to-end service chain to ensure that service quality is maintained, costs are controlled, and risks are effectively managed.


Benefits of Integration

Sustainable Products

Our integration approach helps us acquire the best match of markets and suppliers, providing you with reliable and sustainable products based on responsible sourcing.

Specific Market Know-How

Enhanced specific market knowledge and increased efficiency is utilized by Lohia Warehouse to determine the feasibility of specific or niche products.

Save Time and Reduce the Workload

Integration of worldwide Internet-based sourcing platform with intelligent human resource aids us in saving money, time and working with state-of-the-art tools e.g. for supplier evaluation, reverse auctions, tracking & tracing, logistics and document handling.

Improved Supply Chain

Supply Chain improvement is achieved by implementation of ERP integration along with utilization of best industry practices. We understand that Supply Chain profitability is not simply based on the price one sells our goods minus the total delivered cost of making and getting those products to customers.


Lohia Warehouse has always worked on the philosophy of the cheapest and the best. Disseminating innovations from the source to destination, excessive operation costs and non-efficient allocation of resources has been minimized.