Professional Sourcing and Customized Services



Lohia Warehouse and its experienced partners offer one-stop logistics support for shipping by land, sea and air. We handle numerous shipments per year, and cover every step in the process of imports including customs processing and container consolidation. In special cases, we ensure flexibility in choice of transportation. With our experience in imports we ensure smooth workflow and on-time deliveries - thanks to our specialists on the ground, who individually manage each order and meticulously document the latest order status. We have strategic tie ups with agents across the globe which helps when it comes to international procurements.

Supply Chain and Processing


Lohia Warehouse guarantees professional order processing at every step from precise pre-production specifications to delivery at the destination. Compliance with top quality standards is a priority for us. Experienced professionals inspect random samples of the product to ensure they are up to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) specified by the client. Additional quality control cycles may be performed in our inspection centers upon request. We school our quality assurance employees at our own training centre.

Our suppliers undergo quality audits as well as social audits. This ensures compliance with the major ecological and social quality standard. Experienced professionals on the ground handle all supplier management and communications. Each status update is entered in an active order management system, which clients can use to check on their order status at any time.


Our warehousing facility has been designed to meet our client's widely variable needs. We respond to each client needs on an individual basis, creating bespoke solutions designed around the mix of their product, we remove the burden of investment in raking system and warehouse space giving our customers more financial freedom and flexibility.

We offer multiple pick regimes:

Bulk | By store | By contract | By SKU | By style | Split ratio

We offer multiple load options:

Spiral | Snake | Cross dock | Loose load | Manifest load | Palletized

Quality Competence

Lohia Warehouse aims to ensure the highest quality standards across all products through its unparalleled quality development and quality assurance services. We work closely with our customers to translate their quality specifications of fit, function, material, and compliance with physical, chemical and legal norms, into a quality finished product from our vendors - whether for soft goods or hard lines.

Based on our longstanding experience in all key sourcing markets, Lohia Warehouse has built an extensive network of reliable suppliers to deliver quality to our clients at the best prices. Our teams of experienced quality technicians in the markets make sure that the product is right before it goes into mass production. In-field Quality Control (QC) inspectors rigorously check compliance with the specifications by means of inline and pre-shipment inspections.

In the major sourcing markets of China and India, our QC services are further enhanced by a network of state-of-the art Inspection Centers, where goods are subject not only to random sampling for Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), but if necessary to 100-percent checks, where our trained staff make sure that the shipped consignment will meet the client's expectations, in full.

Design & Creativity


To succeed in the fast-paced ever changing business, you have to offer the latest trends. Lohia Warehouse gives you a choice: we can put together entire range to your specifications or the Lohia Group's Design House develops styles modeled on up-to-the-minute trends and tailored to your requirements. Our expertise is backed by our proximity to the entire major European and US markets.

Close contact with retail consumers puts us in a position to quickly identify changing trends. Alternatively, you can draw on our remarkably extensive range of collections, from stock items to exclusive Trends. We will gladly present our products to you in person at our showroom, including an individual consultation.

Product Development

Some of our categories are subject to rapidly changing trends. Lohia Warehouse lets you respond to them individually. We implement all products to comply with your wishes, flexibly and with a deep understanding of the subject matter. The needs of the specified target group are considered, as are any country-specific requirements. Our highly trained Product merchandisers closely coordinate each step with you.

To reduce lead time, we can also handle final inspection of the samples and materials as needed. A comprehensive software system guarantees smooth, transparent communication between all the departments involved, at every level of the process. Our expertise also extends to Cleaning Tools, Home Decor, hardware, kitchenware and Bath accessories. We understand the need for speed-to-market when dealing with labor-intensive categories. We are able to take the look and performance of such products from technical drawings to reality in less than 90 days.

In addition, we are able to develop working mock-ups for customers prior to the pilot run, making it possible to proceed with presentations to customer and tests for regulatory approvals. Our spectrum of services includes working with major manufacturers throughout the region. Our highly trained merchandisers understand project management timelines, pilot runs and how to handle long lead-time components. We do online inspections and life-cycle testing in each factory as part of our mandate to ensure excellence and performance.