Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy serves as a general statement and represents a broad as well as a flexible policy.

Commitment to Privacy

Warehouse, in its role, is committed to the privacy of its users. Data security and the privacy of your personal information is serious concern to us. It is important to Lohia Warehouse that the collection of personal information be minimal. However, Lohia Warehouse will explicitly ask for information when required. We fully understand that users of our website as well as users of our Intranet, Extranet and Internet services, need to be in control of their personal information.


What Information does Lohia Warehouse collect?

We collect the number of "hits" to our site and the number of sessions that are conducted for each Web page. This information is used strictly for statistical purposes, to help us make our website more user-friendly. Information collected is stored for a maximum two years.


Release of Information

Lohia Warehouse will not share your personal information with any third party, except as necessary, to operate this web site, to provide services requested by you or to fulfill any legal and regulatory obligations.
Commercial and account information confidential in nature will not be disclosed, even upon request.
If we believe someone is attempting to break into, has broken into or has otherwise abused our resources over the Internet, the information collected will be used to find those responsible. As part of this effort we may share the information with law enforcement agencies.