Professional Sourcing and Customized Services

Domestic Sourcing

Our requirement for domestic goods is executed through a team of dedicated merchandisers who are well versed in sourcing and aware of the local market. The entire merchandising team is divided on category lines for specialization and focused approach. Each merchandiser is encouraged to develop specialization in the hub of respective product category.

Products Development

Continuously exploring for better we do not limit our self to existing products alone. Depending on the customer requirement we utilize our resources for new product development. Products developed therein confirm to customer requirement and also follow specified legal and quality norms.


Our exposure to wide range of customer requirement and varied markets across the globe has helped us develop a unique grasp of designs and trends. We utilize our knowledge and experience in introducing novel concepts and designs into the market. Changing lifestyle and customer need work as a catalyst.

Value For

Value creation and value delivery is core to our vision and putting it to practice we offer value for all. On the backward side this entails assisting our manufacturing partners in creating the most apt products at reasonable rates. On the forward side it means helping our customers offer befitting article to consumer need.

Quality Certified

To ensure Quality certified products we have a dedicated quality control team. The team defines quality standard and manages quality. Appropriate inspection of finished goods is done and random sample check is carried out.