Professional Sourcing and Customized Services

  • Origin - Journey of Lohia Warehouse


    Our parent group began in 1957 by the efforts of Shri Narayan Kumar Lohia in Moradabad. The company started in New Delhi in the year 2006. Since then, Lohia warehouse has successfully built a strong portfolio of trading businesses. Lohia Warehouse is a professional trading organization with years of sourcing experience.

    Lohia Warehouse offers a wide range of products including Kitchenware, Food & Beverages, Home Decor, Leather Goods & Accessories, Garments & Apparels, Stationary, Bath Accessories, Auto Accessories, Furniture, Home Décor, Electrical/Electronic products, Cleaning, Seasonal Items, Toys & Sporting Goods, Luggage, etc.

    Lohia warehouse is a recognized leader in the provision of warehouse and distribution service to our chosen market sectors in the India and is part of our group, which has operations in united state and China. With over 25 years of supply chain expertise from design co, a leading exporter from India offers leading-edge specialist services to the consumer durables, automotive & machinery and clothing & fashion sectors. We adapt to each of our clients specific requirements to meet the need of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and e-traders. Lohia warehouse operates over 2 million square feet of shared-user warehousing with around 5000 full time employees throughout the group companies.

  • Vision and Mission

    We initially focused on acting as a liaison between India and rest of the world, primarily in the metal handicrafts, then expended into other wide-ranging areas from household goods to office stationary, electronics and services, such as instillation. Since our inception, we have extended our trading activities even further, moving aggressively beyond our original focus on India to a global perspective.

    Our core goal is to grow our business by helping clients grow their business. We are passionate about our clients and are proud of the trust they place in us when delegating a part of their business to us and with that the responsibility of providing exceptional service to their customers.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Our worldwide, corporate responsibility and quality certified supplier network allows access to all major sourcing markets and is characterized by longstanding relationships. Lohia Warehouse can meet all European and US environmental and social quality standards. Also, we are able to meet any additional process and product requirements you specify.

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